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Stars and Stripes is an award-winning news organization that reaches a global market of active-duty U.S. military, government civilians, and their dependents, through a variety of media, including newspaper editions, published overseas in: Europe, Middle East and Pacific.

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Stars and Stripes reaches a market that is well worth your advertising dollars.

Unlike any other news source, Stars and Stripes operates with total editorial independence from inside the Department of Defense — and has reporters stationed at major overseas bases, including in war zones. The importance of providing American-style news can best be summarized by our readers:

"We appreciate you being there and sharing the stories and times of our service members. I am sure many other families... also appreciate your articles and excellent writing."

"The goal of my letter is... to inform you about the huge impact your publication has, not only on the American troops, but also on the many… workers that support our mission. They read assiduously and have a long memory."

With the government funding most of their living expenses, supplied tax-free, plus the opportunity for bonus pay, servicemembers have money to spend.

We encourage all of our advertisers to sponsor promotions and events for our servicemembers that demonstrate that they are valued and remembered by the folks back home. The residual value to their brands as being there for our forces when they needed it most is powerful and long lasting.

Our American heroes are also shoppers, parents, students, gardeners, auto enthusiasts — and infinitely more.

Together with their family members, active-duty military today number nearly 4.0 million (and that doesn’t include retirees, 23 million veterans, or nearly a million in the National Guard and Reserve).

The value of the U.S. military market is extremely high, centering as it does around a well-educated, highly trained and fully employed core group of active-duty servicemembers. A look at our demographics speaks volumes—as does the fact that we are the only newspaper circulated to the numerous government contractors and military forces currently deployed in Afghanistan and the Gulf region.

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Advertisers are offered display, insert and classified advertising at open and contract rates, as well as opportunities for reaching the military audience online. 

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  • Our main Stars and Stripes printed edition is published Monday through Thursday, with a special Weekend Edition on Friday for Europe and Pacific, and a separate Mideast edition Friday through Sunday
  • Our U.S. Weekly edition gathers the best of each week’s reporting into a single publication.
  • Weekly, monthly and annual special supplements, some distributed to a single region — others to all of our service regions, including the United States. All supplements are promoted within the newspaper and through the exclusive media channels available to Stars and Stripes as part of the Department of Defense Media Activity (DMA), such as AFN radio and television, and through press releases to military base papers and e-mails to military public affairs officers.
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